Do you have questions about the study?

Do I have to pay to join this study?

No. VPRIV® and all study-related assessments will be provided at no cost to you.

How safe is the study medication?

As with most medications, some people may experience side effects. However, some unexpected side effects may occur, so we’ll closely monitor your health throughout the study.

Why participate in clinical research?

Clinical research helps discover whether treatments are safe and effective, and can help doctors find out what treatments work best for either specific illnesses or different kinds of patients. By asking specific questions, the study investigators test new medications or the effects of existing medications on specific disease symptoms.  For example, this study will help us learn more about VPRIV® in people with type I Gaucher disease by asking:
  • What effect does VPRIV® have on bone density?
  • What effect does VPRIV® have on bone pain?
  • What side effects does VPRIV® cause?

How will my privacy (and rights) be protected if I participate?

Clinical research studies are regulated, following rules set by health authorities. The clinical research study will follow a protocol, which is a detailed study plan explaining what researchers will do during the study. Each clinical research study must also be reviewed by an institutional review board (IRB) or ethics committee (EC). IRBs and ECs are groups of people who help protect the rights and welfare of people participation in research studies. IRBs and ECs are usually made up of doctors, scientists, religious representatives, and other medical and nonmedical people. Your privacy will also be protected. The research team cannot tell anyone that you are participating in a clinical research study without your permission. All of the information collected during the study will be kept confidential, and your name won't be listed in any report based on the study.

Do I have to join this study?

Participation is entirely voluntary. You may also join the study, but then leave at a later date if you change your mind.